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Ferrochrome Magnet




  • The In-Line Style RARE-EARTH Permanent Magnetic Agitating Field Separator also known as a MAFS MACHINE is specifically designed for lifting materials that have relatively small concentrations of ferromagnetic particles eg. Ferrochrome, Banded Ironstone or Shales.
  • Utilizing highest strength Neodymium Rare Earth magnet elements.
  • The magnetics are agitated under an agitating magnetic field section of the magnet to release non magnetics that could have been trapped, before being discharged towards the end of the magnetic section.
  • The end section is powered by weaker magnetic elements for easy release of the magnetics at the discharge area.
  • Special/Unique wear plate design – unique to Mechani Mag!
  • The entire separator is capable of vertical adjustment to achieve the maximum efficiency in performance.



Ferrochrome Magnet