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Lifting Magnets



Lifting Magnets

  • Circular Heavy Duty Lifting/Material Handling Electro-Magnet
  • Used in ON-OFF duty applications – where steel objects are moved from one area to another – magnet is energized while loading/carrying objects and de-energized to release and move back to loading position.
  • Field depth is relatively shallow but concentrated to ensure strong holding force applied to lifted steel objects.
  • Available in diameters from 300mm to 3000mm.
  • Can be made in Rectangular OR Oval shaped options.
  • No oil required.
  • Zero maintenance required.
  • Completely sealed unit – IP66 rated – can be submerged.
  • Reinforced/Dual Cavity terminal box for DC cable connections.
  • Reinforced casing to protect against bumping and dropping.
  • Impregnated with high temperature resin and class H insulation materials.
  • Heavy Duty wear/bottom plate for impact protection.
  • Can be fitted with warning light/siren to indicate when energized.
  • Can be fitted with additional heat shield protection plate for high heat applications.
  • Can be designed for extremely high duty cycles (ON vs OFF) ensuring it never fails.
  • Available for most DC supply voltages.


  • Also available to suit above: Power Supply units, Control Panels, Remote Control pendants and DC Cable reeling Drums.
Lifting Magnets